Khalid Khan (Employee ONGC)

I suffer from multiple severe blockages in my heart, brain & kidney arteries and left arm artery (subclavian artery). I have also moderate narrowing of my heart valve.Few years back when this diagnosis was met, we lost all hopes and it was as if the end of my life. Dr Merchant came as an "angel in our life ". He treated all my blockages in stages- heart, brain & kidney arteries with stents.I feel perfectly all right now and looking forwards to leaving a healthy life for many more years. I thank God he sent Dr Merchant as a "savior "of my life, I own my life to Dr Merchant.

Dr Bedi (Industrialist)

I am a industrialist. I had a complete heart block few years ago and Dr Merchant implanted a dual chamber pacemaker. 2 years later I had a 99% blocked heart artery. Dr Merchant saved my life again by treating the 99 % blockage with a medicated stent. Recently I had chest pain at rest and angiogram showed a heavily calcified blocked segment of the main heart artery. Dr Merchant gave me the option of bypass surgery. I was not mentally prepared for open heart surgery. Dr Merchant performed an angioplasty on my severely calcified heart artery initially with NC balloon then an angiosculpt then a cutting balloon and finally a rotablator. He then deployed medicated stent . I must say this was hard work for Dr Merchant but he finally succeeded with determination and commitment.He is sincere, honest and quality conscious doctor. He is the "best" . I am back to my work attending to my industry and my regular works.I thank god and Dr Merchant for all the help

Mrs. Mahfooda (housewife, Oman)

I am 65 year old from Muscat, Oman. I was repeatedly admitted in hospitals in Oman over 5 year with heart failure. They diagnosed dilated cardiomyopathy, heart pumping 15% and I needed a heart transplant in USA. Dr Benny from Muscat referred me to Dr Merchant in Mumbai. My brother Dr Humaid, a surgeon in Oman came along with me to see Dr Merchant.He and his team treated me with a device which they called 'Combo Device' (The report said it is a cardiac Resynchronization biventricular with defibrillator). Since the device is implanted 4 years back, I feel perfectly all right, no more admissions in hospital and enjoying a good quality life with my family.I am ever grateful to Dr Merchant and pray for him and his family a long & healthy life.

Tirlok Singh Rai (Chairman, Raiply Group)

I am a 90 year old industrialist living in Nairobi. I have severe heart disease with multiple blockages in my coronary arteries. Dr Merchant has treated me with 5 stents in my heart arteries 4 year ago and I was back to my normal life to the extent that I decided to start a industry in Chandigarh.Few months back I had a brain hemorrhage in the factory in Chandigarh and I become unconscious and admitted at Fortis hospital. On our request, Dr Merchant visited Chandigarh and I was shifting by charted Air Ambulance plane to Mumbai at the Lilavati hospital.I was very sick on ventilator, unconscious and fully paralyzed.Dr Merchant put hard work day & night monitoring and treating every parameter and got me back to my feet, I am now back in Nairobi, with my daily walks and physiotherapy. I feel quit ok now to the extent am planning to be back in Chandigarh to complete my industry. At 92 years now I look forward to another decade of active business life.We are very grateful to Dr. Merchant for his dedication and commitment which gave me a new life.