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Dr. S. A. Merchant

Interventional Cardiologist
DM(Cardiology), MD (MED), DNB (Cardiology), FSCAI (USA)

Dr. Shahid A. Merchant is an esteemed Consultant Interventional Cardiologist based in Mumbai, India, known for his extensive experience and achievements in the field. Boasting a career spanning over 25 years, Dr. Merchant has garnered expertise in interventional cardiology through rigorous training at renowned centers worldwide. He has been a pioneering figure in perfusion balloon angioplasty and stents, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

A Canvas Of Gratitude And Healing

Artist's Interpretation
Title of Painting: THE OPTIMIST

Life is beautiful yet unpredictable so as this piece of art. I have worked on this painting as an immediate family more than as an artist. This painting is a token of appreciation to show gratitude and thankfulness to DR. SHAHID A. MERCHANT an Interventional Cardiologist. Within the space of a square frame, I've created something that is not only connected to the physical body but also to our soul. The dripping texture of white oil colour in the background of painting disrupts the acrylic grey beneath to signify the happiness after episodes of distress. The flower in pot represents the Aorta. The golden and crimson colour of the leaves inspired from nature and the forms found in the heart. It depict as autumn leaves which represent a small flap of tissue present in our heart also called as valve leaflets. The painting also depicts in great detail the technology developed by the doctors and engineers around the globe for Advance heart failure. Overall the pointing is the expression of all the emotions that we went through which is portrayed in the form of different mediums, the colours and the strokes. Human Figure in painting is beautifully innately optimistic and positive about the future. We're wired to look forward and believe that tomorrow will be better. And we believe it now more than ever.


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